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Experience Matters!

The Sullivan County Court is a trial court and it has exclusive jurisdiction over serious felony crimes that are committed in our county and the presiding judge must be experienced in the rules of evidence, the criminal procedure law, jury trial practice and procedure, search and seizure, Constitutional Law, grand jury practice and procedure and the New York Penal Law.  Without experience in these critical areas of criminal law the Court will struggle to provide justice to the people of our county.  Jim has spent his whole career and professional life as a prosecutor, some 24 plus years, practicing in these specific and specialized areas of criminal law in County Court.  Jim is one of the most experienced trial attorneys in our county.  Jim has tried all types of cases in County Court, including DWIs, serious drug and conspiracy cases, rape, burglary, child sex abuse, arson and murder in the first degree.  This is the type of real courtroom experience that is absolutely necessary to ensure justice in County Court!