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Former Sullivan County District Attorney Stephen F. Lungen

"It is critical that the person that holds the position of County Court Judge be an expert and experienced in trials and courtroom procedure and practice. Jim Farrell has demonstrated over these past 24 years that he has the intellect, the ethics, the legal knowledge of the criminal law, the courtroom rules of evidence, the courage and the integrity that is required for this position.  Jim has been tested in the courtroom from simple felonies to the most complex crimes to include murders, drug conspiracies and other violent crimes.  Jim has convicted the most heinous of criminals and has shown great compassion for people in need of help and support.  I am proud to support our next County Court Judge - Jim Farrell."

Sullivan County Sheriff Michael Schiff

"Jim Farrell is the best qualified and experienced candidate for County Court Judge.  His service to the county spans more than 20 years and he has been handling the most serious cases in County Court and is fully aware of all the cases his office handles.  He has been a valuable partner in public safety in this county and I endorse Jim for County Court Judge and encourage all Sullivan County residents to support him."